What we do

Brand Development:

  • Global corporate and brand strategy and development.


  • Partnership research. Trade marketing. Strategy and planning.
  • Route to market strategy and optimising sales efficiency.


  • 360 degree sales performance and customer service consultancy
  • Corporate identity and brand awareness review and analysis.


  • Extracting value from brand assets

Retail Processes:

  • Assessment and identification of best new store locations in key markets.


  • Providing awareness and benchmarking of local trading environment and competitor’s trading activities alongside mystery shopping programmes.
  • Defining operational standards and Visual Merchandising / zoning guidelines for SIS and franchises.


  • Designing and implementing management tools and KPI’s to measure and optimise operations.
  • Helping clients gain market share, implement mindset change and search for untapped potential.


  • Supporting SME’s and entrepreneurial projects to optimise/ build their brand and business channels.

Due Diligence:

  • Qualitative Due Diligence, value creation and portfolio management for PE funds.
  • Expertise across comprehensive luxury goods value chain
  • Retail market analysis and brand positioning
  • Market intelligence and sustainability review
  • Price point review, analysis and strategy implementation
  • Experienced in scoping and executing different types of analysis such as category landscapes